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Used - LP - ST-11996
1979 US original LA pressing. Glossy, vibrant cover, tiny top seam split. Light poly-inner hairline scuff not affecting play. Mastered by Ken Perry & Wall Traugott. "1979's self-titled debut release from the California band the Motels comes across as what a less pretentious Doors might have sounded like had they emerged during the new wave era. The Motels is a fairly cold, almost robotic affair which trades in lyrics that explore the darker side of life in Los Angeles. There are a few tracks that bear repeated listens like the frantic "Kix" and "Celia," a warning to a woman involved with the wrong guy. "Total Control," a big hit for the band in Australia and later covered by Tina Turner, is the album's standout with its menacing lyrics of possession delivered by Martha Davis. She is the one consistently redeeming attraction of this dated record. Although she tends to over-sing at times, Davis is a riveting and sensual vocalist and her vocals hint at the potential in the band." AMG - Tom Demalon. ... more
The Amazing Bud Powell - Time Waits
Used - LP - BST 81598
1977 US reissue on "White b" Blue Note label. Nice VG+ copy; Play back is strong with bag rash from the original poly-lined Blue Note company inner sleeve causing visual surface imperfections and some light surface noise. Music dominates. Originally recorded on May 24th 1958. A beautiful little trio album. "This set from pianist Bud Powell (which has been reissued on CD in a "complete" four-CD set) is most notable for having the debut versions of seven of Powell's compositions; most memorable are "Time Waits," "Monopoly" and especially "John's Abbey." With bassist Sam Jones and drummer Philly Joe Jones completing the trio, Powell is in surprisingly fine form throughout the enjoyable session, creating music that is far superior to his later Verve recordings." AMG - Scott Yanow. ... more
Return Engagement
Used - LP - V3HB-8842
1974 2LP gatefold original. Cut corner (On front fold only). Vinyl surface show bag rash and hairline scuffing, but musical playback is strong. "Pro forma, well-done Oscar Peterson date with plenty of elegant solos, impressive phrases, and intricately constructed interpretations of standards and ballads." AMG - Ron Wynn. ... more
Used - LP - IC 1162
1982 Original. Features Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Tony Williams, Don Alias, Bill Watrous, Joe Farrell, Steve Kujala And Others. ... more
The Tortured Poets Department
Colored Vinyl - New - 602458933314
Sealed 2024 2LP special edition original on Ghosted White vinyl. Small stain on top right corner. Bonus track on this version is "The Manuscript". "For the most part, Taylor Swift’s various eras have been distinctive and well-defined. There were her country beginnings, a crossover to both sharp pop and global superstardom, the era of cozy indie folk she briefly detoured into with the 2020 albums Folklore and Evermore, and a deeper embrace of throwback synth pop on 2022’s Midnights, to name just a few. The era presented in Swift’s 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, is harder to pin down. Produced with long-time collaborators Jack Antonoff and the National's Aaron Dessner, the album pulls from Swift’s previous phases rather than introducing any new overarching identity or sound, with songs loosely connected by scenes from a bitter, messy breakup. While heavy-handed poetics are ostensibly part of the core concept, seething breakup songs are nothing new for Swift, and the lack of a solid stylistic or narrative through-line makes the album feel like an incoherent vision board of every idea she had during the songwriting process. There’s more Midnights-esque neon pop on tracks like “Down Bad” and “Florida!!!” (the latter a duet with Florence + the Machine), aching quasi-folk balladry on “loml,” and inclusions like “Guilty as Sin?” or “Clara Bow,” which sound like they could be outtakes from 1989, Lover, or any post-2012 point in Swift’s discography. Antonoff’s production and Swift’s affected vocal phrasing repeatedly recall Lana Del Rey on moody tracks like “Fresh Out the Slammer” (which incorporates an interesting beat switch near the end) and “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys,” but Swift largely falls back on old songwriting tricks rather than fully inhabiting this style or making it her own. The Tortured Poets Department is tedious. Never mind the surprise-release double-album version The Anthology, which adds 15 extra songs and another hour to the run-time; the standard issue is already made up of 16 tracks that meander as they struggle to make their points. While something like Swift’s extended, ten-minute-long “Taylor’s Version” of Red standout “All Too Well” could maintain an emotional intensity that warranted its epic length, tunes like the flailing and confusing “But Daddy I Love Him” and the slogging “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me” simply overstay their welcome. For a songwriter responsible for some of the biggest choruses and best-selling melodies of her generation, there’s a surprising lack of immediacy or even cheap, sure-thing pop hooks here. Songs like “Fortnight” (which is weighed down by a mushy Post Malone feature) and the tepid title track aim for the kind of memorable earworms Swift has created better than most, but they fall short. All of these various missteps culminate in an album that feels like a missed opportunity. While the feelings here are melodramatic and overexpressed, sometimes to the point of ridiculousness, so is some of Swift’s best work, but with far more interesting results. A better-organized, more thoughtfully edited version of the album, one that turned the best songs over a few more times until some hit-worthy elements emerged, could have taken Swift into a whole new era." AMG - Fred Thomas. ... more
The Tortured Poets Department
Colored Vinyl - New - 602458933345
Sealed 2024 2LP special edition pressed on "Parchment " Beige. Corner rubbing. Bonus track on this version is "The Bolter". Includes a 24-page book-bound jacket with printed inner sleeves. The picture on the cover is spot varnished. ... more
New Import - HIQLP 076
Sealed 2020 50th Anniversary 180gm Reissue on Orange vinyl. “Funkadelic's Self-Titled 1970 Debut Is One Of The Group's Best Early- To Mid-'70s Albums. Not Only Is It Laden With Great Songs -- "I'll Bet You" And "I Got A Thing..." Are Obvious Highlights -- But It Retains Perhaps A Greater Sense Of Classic '60s Soul And R&B Than Any Successive George Clinton-Affiliated Album. Recording For The Detroit-Based Westbound Label, At The Time Funkadelic Were In The Same Boat As Psychedelic Soul Groups Such As The Temptations, Who Had Just Recorded Their Landmark Cloud Nine Album Across Town At Motown, And Other Similar Groups. Yet No Group Had Managed To Effectively Balance Big, Gnarly Rock Guitars With Crooning, Heartfelt Soul At This Point In Time Quite Like Funkadelic. Clinton's Songs Are Essentially Conventional Soul Songs In The Spirit Of Motown Or Stax -- Steady Rhythms, Dense Arrangements, Choruses Of Vocals -- But With A Loud, Overdriven, Fuzzy Guitar Lurking High In The Mix. And When Clinton's Songs Went Into Their Chaotic Moments Of Jamming, There Was No Mistaking The Hendrix Influence. Furthermore, Clinton's Half-Quirky, Half-Trippy Ad Libs During "Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?" And "What Is Soul" Can Be Mistaken For No One Else -- They're Pure-Cut P-Funk. Successive Albums Portray Funkadelic Drifting Further Toward Rock, Funk, And Eventually Disco, Especially Once Bernie Worrell Began Playing A Larger Role In The Group. Never Again Would The Band Be This Attuned To Its '60s Roots, Making Self-Titled Release A Revealing And Unique Record That's Certainly Not Short On Significance, Clearly Marking The Crossroads Between '60s Soul And '70s Funk.” AMG - Jason Birchmeier. ... more
Maggot Brain
New Import - SEW 002
Sealed 2023 2LP 50th Anniversary remastered reissue. Groundbreaking Psychedelic-Funk masterpiece. "It Starts With A Crackle Of Feedback Shooting From Speaker To Speaker And A Voice Intoning, "Mother Earth Is Pregnant For The Third Time, For Y'all Have Knocked Her Up" And Talking About Rising "Above It All Or Drown In My Own Sh*t." This Could Only Have Been Utterly Bizarre Back In 1971 And It's No Less So Decades Later; Though The Mothership Was Well On Its Way Already, Maggot Brain Really Helped It Take Off. The Instrumental Title Track Is The Key Reason To Listen, Specifically For Eddie Hazel's Lengthy, Mind-Melting Solo. George Clinton Famously Told Hazel To Play "Like Your Momma Had Just Died," And The Resulting Evocation Of Melancholy And Sorrow Doesn't Merely Rival Jimi Hendrix's Work, But Arguably Bests A Lot Of It. Accompanied By Another Softer Guitar Figure Providing Gentle Rhythm For The Piece, The End Result Is Simply Fantastic, An Emotional Apocalypse Of Sound. Maggot Brain Is Bookended By Another Long Number, "Wars Of Armageddon," A Full-On Jam From The Band Looping In Freedom Chants And Airport-departure Announcements To The Freak-Out. In Between Are A Number Of Short Pieces, Finding The Collective Merrily Cooking Up Some Funky Stew Of The Slow And Smoky Variety. There Are Folky Blues And Gospel Testifying On "Can You Get To That" (One Listen And A Lot Of Primal Scream's Mid-'90s Career Is Instantly Explained) And Wry But Warm Reflections On Interracial Love On "You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks," Its Drum Hits Distorted To Give A Weird Electronic Edge To The Results. "Super Stupid" Is A Particular Killer, Pounding Drums And Snarling Guitar Laying Down The Boogie Hard And Hot, While "Hit It And Quit It" Has A Great Chorus And Bernie Worrell Getting In A Fun Keyboard Solo To Boot." AMG - Ned Raggett. ... more
New Import - SEWA 026
Sealed 2020 gatefold reissue. Their third independent release and final album before signing to Mercury. ... more
The A's
New - LP - AB 4238
Sealed 1979 US original, cut corner. Unable to confirm pressing info. Crease on rear cover. "When punk rock exploded on the scene, the Sex Pistols brought it in with an angst, sense of rebellion, and shock value that became hard to match. The bands that followed worked in various segments of the genre, searching for an identity and individuality. This eventually gave birth to a style that became known as new wave. Still, the boundaries and sensibilities of that style were hard to define. The A's came out of this era, forging their own path. Along with groups like the Dickies, they combined the irreverence of punk rock with a fun sort of texture and a pop sensibility, and, most importantly, a sense of humor. Their music forged a path that encompassed power pop, punk, and a retro, almost mod, texture. They did it with accessible hooks and catchy numbers. It is really a shame that this group never achieved the level of fame that they should have, because their musical sensibilities bordered on flawless. As a slice of time from this era, their debut release really works well to this day. The other thing about this album that really pleases is that it is just plain fun. This band is really one that should have been somebody, but seemed to have been caught in an awkward time of musical indecision." AMG - Gary Hill. ... more

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