Amon Duul II

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Amon Duul II - Dance Of The Lemmings Dance Of The Lemmings
Pop New - LP UAS 9954 United Artists
Sealed 1971 2LP Gatefold Original.... more details
Amon Duul II - Phallus Dei Phallus Dei
Pop Used - LP SLS 50257 Sunset
1969 UK Laminated Cover 2nd Issue (Previously Released In Deadly Rare Limited Pressing Run With Psychedelic Cover Art). Mint, Unplayed. “Kanaan" Starts The Album Wonderfully, A Melange Of Rumbling Rock Power, Strings And Sitars, Lothar Meid's Almost Bowie-Ish Vocals With Renate Knaup's Wordless Chanting In The Background, That's Just As Intoxicating Many Years After Its First Appearance As It Was Upon Release. The Slightly Jazzy Concluding Minute Avoids Sounding Forced, Blending In Beautifully With The Song's General Flow. "Dem Guten, Schoenen, Wahren" Takes A Truly Wacked-Out Turn, With Meid's Bizarre Falsetto Coming To The Fore, Swooping Around The Main Melodies Without Regard For Them In Yelps And Chants, "Luzifers Ghilom" Brings Out The Psych-Folk Origins Of The Band A Bit More With Shrat's Bongos, While The Rest Of The Band Pulls Off A Nicely Heroic Rock Piece That Never Sounds Too Inflated Or Stupid, With Appropriately Nutty Vocal Breaks And Interjections Along The Way -- The Sublime And The Ridiculous Never Sounded So Good Together. "Henriette Krotenschwanz" Ends The First Side With A Brief Choral Military March (If You Will). The Title Track Takes Up The Remainder Of The Album, A Complex Piece Which Never Loses A Sense Of Fun While Always Staying Musically Compelling. With Karrer's Crazed Vocals Showing Where Mark E. Smith Got Some Good Ideas From, Phallus Gets The Düül II Career Off To A Flying Start.” Ned Raggett, AMG.... more details
Amon Duul II - Hijack Hijack
Pop New - LP SD 36-109 Atco
Sealed 1974 Original, Small Saw Cut.... more details
Amon Duul II - Vive La Trance Vive La Trance
Prog New - LP UA-LA198-F United Artists
Sealed 1973 Original.... more details
Amon Duul II - Dance Of The Lemmings Dance Of The Lemmings
Prog New - LP UAD 6000 3/4 United Artists
Sealed And Stunning 1971 UK 2LP Laminated Gatefold Original.... more details
Amon Duul II - Yeti Yeti
Prog Used - LP LSP 101 Liberty
Stunning 1970 UK 2LP Gatefold Original. Both LPs Appear Glossy, Unplayed. “The Second Album By Amon Düül II (Not To Be Confused With The More Anarchic Radicals Amon Düül), 1970's Yeti, Is Their First Masterpiece, One Of The Defining Early Albums Of Krautrock. A Double Album On Vinyl, Yeti Consists Of A Set Of Structured Songs And A Second Disc Of Improvisations. It's Testament To The Group's Fluidity And Improvisational Grace That The Two Albums Don't Actually Sound That Different From Each Other, And That The Improvisational Disc May Actually Be Even Better Than The Composed Disc. The First Disc Opens With "Soap Shop Rock," A 12-Minute Suite That Recalls King Crimson's Early Work In The Way It Switches Easily Between Lyrical, Contemplative Passages And A More Violent, Charging Sound, And Continues Through A Series Of Six More Songs In The Two- To Six-Minute Range, From The Ominous, Threatening "Archangels Thunderbird" (Featuring A Great Doomy Vocal By Mono-Named Female Singer Renate) To The Delicate, Almost Folky Acoustic Tune "Cerberus." The Improvisational Disc Contains Only Three Tracks, Closing With A Nine-Minute Stunner Called "Sandoz In The Rain" That's Considered By Many To Be The Birth Of The Entire Space Rock Subgenre. A Delicate, Almost Ambient Wash Of Sound Featuring Delicately Strummed Phased Acoustic Guitars And A Meandering Flute, It's Possibly The High Point Of Amon Düül II's Entire Career.” Stewart Mason, AMG.... more details
Amon Duul II - Wolf City Wolf City
Prog Used - LP UL-LA017-F United Artists
1972 Gatefold Original. Cut Corner. Appears Unplayed.... more details
Amon Duul II - Carnival In Babylon Carnival In Babylon
Prog Used - LP UAG 29327 United Artists
Gorgeous 1972 Laminated Gatefold Jacket Original.... more details
Amon Duul II - Dance Of The Lemmings Dance Of The Lemmings
Prog Used - LP UAS 9954 United Artists
1971 2LP Gatefold Original. Jacket Is VG+. Both LPs Appear Glossy, Unplayed.... more details
Amon Duul II - Carnival In Babylon Carnival In Babylon
Prog New - LP UAS 5586 United Artists
Sealed 1972 Gatefold Original With Embossed Promo Stamp Across Top Right Corner Of Jacket.... more details

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