Animal Collective

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam Strawberry Jam
Pop New - LP DNO 156 Domino
Sealed 2007 2LP Gatefold Vinyl Of Free Folk, Nu Prog, Pysch Pop Or Whatever The Kids Are Calling It These Days. Pretty Genius Stuff.... more details
Animal Collective - Feels Feels
Pop Used - LP SP11LP Fat Cat
Beautiful 2005 2LP Gatefold Original.... more details
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion Merriweather Post Pavilion
Pop New - LP DNO 219 Domino
Sealed 2007/2008 2LP 180gm Gatefold Original. Removable Sticker Affixed To Jacket. "Merriweather Is The Soundtrack For The Ultimate Hippie/Ambient Tribal Dance Party, A Giddy, Freewheeling, Psychedelic Beast Of An Album, Full Of Big Beats, Trippy Drones And Glistening Synths Dancing Around The Band’s Rich, Reverb-Drenched, Fugue-Like Vocal Layers. (That’s The Album’s Equally Tripped-Out Cover Above.) From Opening Track “In The Flowers,” Where Dreamy Swirls Of Guitar Explode Into An Avalanche Of Battering-Ram Percussion, To Closing Cut “Brother Sport,” Whose Sunny Vocals And Gleeful Synthesizers Skitter Across Syncopated Grooves Before Mutating Into Minimalist Ambient-House, This Is An Album Of Endless Sonic Surprises. While Tracks Like The Low-Key “No More Runnin’ ” Are More Conventionally Song-Oriented, The Focus Here Is On Constantly Shifting Textures And Moods, Like The Central Riff Of “Daily Routine,” Which Sounds Like A Bowling Ball Being Thrown For A Strike Across The Keys Of An Organ, Or The Moment On “Guys Eyes” That Suggests Nothing So Much As A Backwards Loop Of A Piano Being Dropped From The Roof Of A Monastery.” – Jim Allen, Rolling Stone... more details
Animal Collective - Peacebone Peacebone
Pop New - LP DNO 155 Domino
Sealed Three-Track 12" Single In Pictue Sleeve. Three Versions Of "Peacebone" Including Remixes By Black Dice And Pantha Du Prince.... more details
Animal Collective - Feels Feels
Pop New - LP SP11LP Fat Cat
Sealed Out Of Print 2005 Gatefold Original With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink. Includes A Coupon For MP3 Download. “While Critics Found It Easy To Lump Animal Collective In With The Freak Folk Scene After The Strumming Madness Of Sung Tongs, Feels May Cause Them To Revise Their Opinions -- Slightly. First, This Is More Of A Rock Record, Especially Early On; The Frequent Cymbal Crashes And Pounding Drums Leave Little Doubt. Second, Feels Has Less Of The Aimless Meandering Of Many Artists In The Freak Folk Scene. AC Can, And Do, Explode At Any Second, And Their Whirl Of Musical Ideas -- Mostly Naturalistic, Such As Intricate Vocalizing Or Tribal Drumming -- Can Become Dizzying, But Gleefully So, Not In A Disorienting Way. (Imagine Fiery Furnaces Condensing An Entire Album Down To Three Minutes And You'll Begin To Understand The Sound Of The Second Song, "Grass.") So, While The Folk Tag Has Become Less Of An Issue, Freak Still Applies With No Doubt. A Core Strength Of The Group Is Its Ability To Sound Invigorated And Bracing When Exploring Territory Often Surveyed In The Past. Rock Music Can Be A Constraining Form, Especially At This Late Date, But The Group Sounds Freer Than Ever Before, Almost As Though They've Never Bothered With Rock In Their Lives, And Have Only Happened Upon A Bare Few Lps Before Beginning Their Recording Career. (If So, One Of Those Would Have Been By Mercury Rev, Although Animal Collective Are Much Less Patient In Building To A Climax -- "The Purple Bottle" Has At Least A Dozen Of Them.) As On Sung Tongs, The First Half Is Active, Direct, And Punchy -- Nearly Overloaded With Production And Ideas -- While The Second Half Explores Quiet, Abstract Moods, Often With Only A Few Tremulous Vocals Accompanied By Autoharp.” – John Bush, AMG... more details
Animal Collective - Sung Tongs Sung Tongs
Pop New - LP FAT-SP08 Fat Cat
Sealed Gatefold Original. “On Sung Tongs, Their First Record Distributed By Fatcat, The Two-Man Animal Collective Come On Like Sun-Scorched Acid Eaters Gathered Around The Campfire, Strumming And Grinning While They Weave Their Material Out Of Cyclical Singalongs And Tight Harmonies. Surprisingly, Both For Fans As Well As New Additions, That Marks A Much More Accessible Sound For A Group That Had Previously Probed The Outer Limits Of Prog And Psychedelia. (Still, Back To Basics Is The Right Place For A Collective That Released Three Albums In 2003.) Immediately Called To Mind Here Are The Holy Modal Rounders And, To A Lesser Extent, The Incredible String Band. While Animal Collective Certainly Don't Share The Intimate Knowledge Of Folk Music Or The Expert Musicianship Of The Holy Modals Or The ISB, They Do Understand The Importance Of Repetition In Reaching Altered States, And They Indulge In Many Naturalistic Post-Production Enhancements To Get There. "Leaf House" And "Who Could Win A Rabbit" Open The Record With A Cozy Atmosphere Created From Soaring Harmonies And Beach Boys-Type Bungalow Percussion. From There, With Only A Few Exceptions, Sung Tongs Devolves Into The Loosest Of Jam Sessions, A Midsummer Night's Dream Of Pixilated Picking In Similar Company With The Lengthy Mid-Album Interlude ("Green Typewriters") During The Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk At Cubist Castle. Although The Duo Didn't Record Nearly Enough Material To Justify Checking Out Quite So Soon, Sung Tongs Is A Striking Record, A Breath Of Fresh Air Within Experimentalist Indie Rock.” - John Bush, AMG... more details
Animal Collective - Danse Manatee Danse Manatee
Pop New - LP FAT-SP18LP Fat Cat
Sealed 2009 Reissue Of The Extremely Hard To Find 2001 Original.... more details
Animal Collective - Here Comes The Indian Here Comes The Indian
Pop New - LP PAW01 Paw Tracks
Sealed 2003 Album. The First Release On Animal Collective's Own Label. “Informed In Equal Parts By Acid-Fried Psychosis, Crop-Circle Field Recordings, And An Elephants-On-The-Loose Circus Thrash Aesthetic, Animal Collective's Fourth Full-Length Album Rests Roughly At The Meeting Point Between Psychedelic, Noise, And Folk Music. Here Comes The Indian Begins Gently Enough With "Native Belle," A Moody Set Piece That Belies The Album's Clatter With 12 Minutes Of Constrained Rhythmic Builds, Drones, And Squeaks. Things Quickly Explode With The Searing "Hey Light," A Lightning Bolt Of Electrocuted Brass And Human Wails That Sends The Album Careening Into Psychoactive Delirium. Since Everything That Follows -- From The Shrieking Brattle Of "Two Sails On A Sound" To The Enchanted Tribal Vocal Exercises Of "Slippi" To The Slow-Building Celebratory Scuttle Of "Too Soon" -- Feels Similarly Crazed, Drug-Induced, And Apparitional, Here Comes The Indian Makes For Particularly Lucid Listening. Brash, Crass, And Texturally Magnificent, This Is Well Worth Seeking Out.” - Mark Pytlik, AMG... more details
Animal Collective - Applesauce Applesauce
Pop New - 10 DN0340 Domino
Sealed 2012 Limited Edition 10". Title Track B/W The Non-Album Track "Crimson."... more details
Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind Fall Be Kind
Pop New - 12 DNO246 Domino
Sealed 2009 5 Track 180gm 12" EP. Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink.... more details
Animal Collective - Centipede Hz Centipede Hz
Pop New - LP DNO310 Domino
Sealed 2012 150gm 2LP Housed In A Gatefold Tip-On Sleeve. Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink.... more details
Animal Collective - Peacebone Peacebone
Pop New - 10 DNO 155 Domino
Sealed 2007 45RPM 10 Inch Single.... more details

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