Ayers, Kevin

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

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Rainbow Takeaway
Pop Used - LP SHSP 4085 Harvest
1978 UK Original.... more details
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Pop Used - LP SHVL 807 Harvest
1973 Textured Gatefold Original. Features Robert Wyatt, Doris Troy.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Rainbow Takeaway Rainbow Takeaway
Pop Used - LP SHSP 4085 EMI
Beautiful 1978 UK Laminated Cover Original. Tiny Writing On Back Cover.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Diamond Jack & The King Of Pain Diamond Jack & The King Of Pain
Pop Used - LP CR 30224 Charly
1983 Original. Ollie Halsall On Guitar... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Whatevershebringswesing Whatevershebringswesing
Pop Used - LP 11 BGO
Beautiful BGO Gatefold Reissue.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Odd Ditties Odd Ditties
Pop Used - LP SHSM 2005 Harvest
1976 UK Original. Feint Hint Of Ring Wear, Vinyl Appears Unplayed. “It Is Indeed An Oddity That, For All The Considerable Ambition Of His Albums, This Collection Of Singles And Unreleased Outtakes May Be Ayers' Most Satisfying LP. Why? Perhaps Because When He's Constrained Within The 45 Format, He Taps His Strongest And Most Endearing Qualities: Easygoing, Singalong Melodies, Droll, Nonchalant (Even Non Sequitur) Lyrics, Good-Natured Sotto Voce Vocals, Even Female Backup Harmonies. There's Little Trace Of The Inaccessible, Difficult (Usually Instrumental) Passages That Occupy Much Of The Space On His Early Albums. Spanning 1969 To 1973, This Includes Eight Tracks That Wound Up On Flop Singles, As Well As Six Outtakes From The Albums He Recorded During This Period, Though There Were No Obvious Reasons For Their Exclusion (Too Pop Oriented, Perhaps?). These Are, Indeed, "Odd Ditties": Catchy, With Occasional Caribbean Rhythms And French Lyrics, But Way Too Goofball To Be Taken To Heart By A Mass Audience, At Times Sounding Like A More Together Syd Barrett. Needless To Say, None Of These Nifty Tunes Were Anything Close To Hits. But If They Had Been, The World Would Have Been A Better Place.” – Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide... more details
Ayers, Kevin - That's What You Get Babe That's What You Get Babe
Pop Used - LP 63647 Harvest
1980 UK Original With Custom Inner Sleeve.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Confessions Of Dr Dream Confessions Of Dr Dream
Pop New - LP ILPS 9263 Island
Sealed 1974 Original. CC.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Yes We Have No Mananas / So Get Your Mananas Today Yes We Have No Mananas / So Get Your Mananas Today
Pop New - LP AB 1021 ABC
Sealed 1977 Original.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - As Close As You Think As Close As You Think
Pop Used - LP AMA 25 Illuminated
1986 UK Only Vinyl Rarity. Appears Unplayed. Very Limited Pressing.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Joy Of A Toy Joy Of A Toy
Psych Used - LP SHVL 763 Harvest
1971 UK Harvest 2nd Label With Boxed EMI Logo Housed In A Laminated Gatefold Jacket. Name Wirtten On One Label And Inner Gatefold In Ballpoint Pen. LP Appears Unplyayed. A1/B Stampers. “As The Soft Machine's First Bassist And Original Principal Songwriter, Kevin Ayers Was An Overlooked Force Behind The Group's Groundbreaking Recordings In 1967 And 1968. This, His Solo Debut, Is So Tossed-Off And Nonchalant That One Gets The Impression He Wanted To Take It Easy After Helping Pilot The Manic Innovations Of The Softs. Laissez-Faire Sloth Has Always Been Part Of Ayers' Persona, And This Record's Intermittent Lazy Charm Helped Establish It. That Doesn't Get Around The Fact, However, That This Set Of Early Progressive Rock Does Not Feature Extremely Strong Material. Ayers' Command Of An Assortment Of Instruments Is Impressive, And His Deep Bass Vocals And Playful, Almost Goofy Song-Sketches Are Affecting, But They Don't Really Stick With The Listener. It's No Accident That Some Of The Tracks Recall Early Soft Machine: Robert Wyatt Drums On Most Of The Songs, And "Song For Insane Times" Is Virtually A Bona Fide Soft Machine Performance, Featuring Actual Backing From The Group Itself. A Likable But Slight Album That Is At Its Best When Ayers Is At His Folkiest.” Richie Unterberger, AMG.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - Yes We Have No Mananas / So Get Your Mananas Today Yes We Have No Mananas / So Get Your Mananas Today
Pop Used - LP SHSP 4057 Harvest
1977 UK Textured Cover Original With Die Cut Custom Inner Sleeve. Vinyl Appears Glossy, Unplayed. A1-U/B1-U Stampers.... more details
Ayers, Kevin - The Kevin Ayers Collection The Kevin Ayers Collection
Pop New - LP CM 117 Charly
Sealed 1983 UK Compilation Taken From The Albums: "Joy Of A Toy," "Shooting At The Moon," "Whatevershebringswesing," "Bananamour," "Sweet Deceiver," "Yes, We Have No Mananas," Rainbow Takeaway" And "That's What You Get Babe" Plus "Puis-Je?" (B Side Of The Single "Butterfly Dance"), "Caribbean Moon" (Released As A Single HAR 5071) And "After The Show" (Released As An Island Single WIP 6021).... more details
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Confessions Of Dr Dream
Pop Used - LP ILPS 9263 Island
1974 Embossed Cover. Swaying Palm Tree Label. Avantgarde Art Rock That Sounds Like A Mix Of Alex Chilton Meets Leonard Cohen. Cover VG.... more details

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