Bad Brains

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Bad Brains
New - LP - RUSLP 8223
Sealed 1997 Reissue Of A Groundbreaking Classic. "For Fans Of Hardcore, Many Would Agree That The Holy Grail Of The Genre Is Bad Brains' Self-Titled Album, Originally Released Back In 1982 As A Cassette-Only Release On ROIR. The Ensuing Years After Its Initial Release Haven't Dulled The Album's Fury And Rage In The Least, And It's Still Impressive How The Band Can Switch Gears From Red-Hot Hardcore To Cool Reggae Dubs In The Blink Of An Eye. All The Classics Are Here: "Sailin' On," "Banned In D.C.," "Pay To Cum," "Right Brigade," As Well As One Of Their Strongest Reggae Tunes, "I Luv I Jah." The Back Of The Album Boasts A Quote From The Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch, Which Sums Up The Proceedings Simply, "The Best Punk/Hardcore Album Of All Time." - AMG more
Bad Brains
New - LP - ORGM-2179
Sealed 2021 Reissue, Remastered For Vinyl By Dave Gardner At Infrasonic Mastering, Pressed At Furnace Record Pressing. Second Release In The Remaster Campaign On The Band's Own Bad Brains Records Imprint With Org Music. more
God Of Love
New - LP - 45882-1
Very Hard To Find Sealed 1995 Original With Custom Hype Sticker. Produced By Ric Ocasek. more
I & I Survived (Dub)
New - LP - RLG007
Sealed, Hard To Find 2002 Original. “It Probably Won't Come As A Huge Surprise To Fans Of This Hardcore Band That They've Released Their First Full-Length Dub Recording. After All, Bad Brains Have Proven In The Past To Be Adept At Reggae As Well As Punk. Their Relatively Straightforward Approach To Dub Isn't Particularly Otherworldly Or Eccentric, But This Album Is A Solid Effort Even If It Doesn't Break A Lot Of New Ground. The Band Sounds Quite Comfortable With This Format (Including Darryl Jenifer's Melodica Playing). Altoist Peter Pittner, Tenor Saxophonist David Cast, And Trumpeter Greg Glassman Effectively Enhance The Sound On Tracks Such As "Jah Love" And "Ghetto"; Ray Chinna Lends Some Flavor To The Mix With His Vox Guitar On "Ghetto" And "September"; And The Other Guest Musicians Are Also In Good Form. You Can Entertain Yourself By Picking Out Traces Of "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" In "Cowboys," The Indian Influences On "Ragga Dub," The Traces Of Hard Guitar Rock On The Group's Dub Version Of Their Punk Classic "How Low Can A Punk Get," And The Vocal Samples On Various Tracks. Or You Can Just Mellow Out And Enjoy The Mostly Relaxing Groove.” – Todd Kristel, AMG more
i Against i
New - LP - 065
Sealed 1986 Original With Insert. more
I Against I
Used - LP - 065
Beautiful 1986 Original With Green Labels And No Barcode On Back Cover. Cut Corner. Includes Custom Lyrics Insert With A Killer Live Photo. Vinyl Appears Glossy. more
I Against I
Used - LP - 065
Very Nice 1986 Original With Green Labels And No Barcode On Back Cover. Inclues Custom Insert. Jacket Is A Bit VG Plussy, With Cut Corner, Bottom Spine Crease And Top Spine Ding, Hence Price. more
I Against I
New - LP - SST 065
Sealed 2008 Reissue. more
New - LP - SST 160
Sealed 1988 Original. “In A Sub-Rock Culture That’s Justifiably Made A Demigod Out Of H.R. Fan Iggy Pop, Not Even Pop Himself At His Stooges Prime Was A Match For The Complete Madness Of H.R. The Shocking Wild Abandon, The Belly Of The Beast Ascending, The Manic Whirl Of Syllables Whooshing By, The Animal Screams, Shouts, And Alternate Hums Of This Frenzied Larynx (Not Even Pop And Little Richard Could Go From A Full-Throated Scream To A Quiet, Calm Tone So Fast) Deal Body Blows. Really, It's Impossible To Describe The Fury, The Might, The Indestructible Force Of The Bad Brains, Without Hearing. It's Not A Matter Of Subjective Taste; Even Those Who Don't Like This Will Concede They've Never Heard Anything Like It Before, Nor Are They Likely To Again. This BB Lineup Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Phenomenon. Even The Band Members Themselves Know This, As They Tried To Reunite The Quartet In April 1989 Without Success. You Just Gotta Hear These Versions Of "At The Movies" And "I," So Burning It's Dizzying, So Alive You Can Almost See H.R.'S Feet Hit At The End Of The Back-Flip He Always Did To End The Song (A Perfectly Timed Sight That Dazzled Every Audience). ……… This Must Be What It's Like To Be On Speed. Ignore The Super Rock For Light And Almost Commercial I Against I, Good As They Are. Go Straight For That ROIR Cassette And This. And Watch Out For Flies And Swirling Debris While Your Mouth Is Hanging Open For A Half Hour.” Jack Rabid, AMG. more
Lost Tracks
Used - LP - none
2018 Unofficial Release more
New - LP - ORGM-2182
Sealed 2022 Remastered Resissue. Cut By Dave Gardner At Infrasonic Mastering In Los Angeles. "This Is An Interesting, If Not Entirely Successful Detour Into Funk-metal For The Band That Pioneered Rastafarian Hard-core Punk. Everything Is Slowed Down Here, And The Sonic Textures Have Thickened Considerably. Drummer Earl Hudson Delivers Both Ponderous, Stomping Metal Rhythms And Funked-up Grooves, While Dr. Know Gets To Show Off His Chops A Bit More Than He Has In The Past. The Religious Messages Have, If Anything, Gotten More Mystical And Less Coherent -- Song Titles Like "Soul Craft," "Voyage Into Infinity," And "Messengers" Give You An Idea Of What To Expect. "Don't Blow Bubbles" May Or May Not Be A Slightly Homophobic Cautionary Tale For The Age Of Aids, And "Sheba" Appears To Be A Paean To King Solomon's Wife (A Perennial Favorite Subject For Reggae Musicians). As On I Against I, Reggae Is Given Short Shrift On This Album. In Fact, The Only Reggae Rhythm To Be Found At All Is On "The Prophet's Eye," An Awkward Tune That Feels Tacked Onto The Album's End. Fans Will Defend It, And Quickness Is By No Means A Failure, But It's Also Far From Being Bad Brains' Best Work." AMG Review By Rick Anderson. more
Used - LP - CAROL 1375
1989 Original With Custom Inner Sleeve And Full Press Kit. Small CC, Jacket Has Thin Line Running Across Top Of Jacket. Does Not Look Like A Razor Cut, But It's Somewhat Similar. more

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