Brickell, Edie / New Bohemians

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Brickell, Edie / New Bohemians - Ghost Of A Dog Ghost Of A Dog
Pop New - LP GHS 24304 Geffen
Sealed, Extremely Hard To Find 1990 Vinyl With Custom Song Hype Sticker On Shrink. “Folk-Rockers Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Returned In 1990 With Ghost Of A Dog, The Follow-Up To Their Extremely Successful Debut, Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars. Once Again, The Musicianship And Instrumentation Are Supremely Appropriate, Right Down To The Guest Accordion Licks That Set The Playful Mood For "Carmelito." Top That With Thoughtful, Thought-Provoking Lyrics And Memorable Melodies And You Have A Great Second Record On The New Bos Resume. Brickell Has A Way With Phrases Unlike Most Other Songwriters. She Finds The Similarity In Differences And Uses It To Her Advantage, Spinning Webs With Words Entangled In Unique Rhymes And Patterns. The Opening Lines Are A Perfect Example: "If A Child Lives With Money, He Learns To Spend His Time/If A Child Lives With Crazy, He Goes Out Of His Mind." This Record Is Full Of Such Cleverness. And As Bouncy And Whimsical As Some Of The Songs Are, Such As "Woyaho," "Oak Cliff Bra," And "Carmelito," Things Get Downright Poignant, If Not Serious, On "He Said," "10,000 Angels," And "This Eye." However Exquisite Brickell Is As A Songwriter And Vocalist, Enough Can't Be Said Of The Guys Who Support Her Musically. Kenny Withrow, Wes Burt-Martin, Brad Houser, John Bush, And Matt Chamberlain Are Wonderfully Creative Musicians, And The Cohesiveness Of Their Sound Is Exciting To Hear. These Guys Know What It Means To Play Together, Each Giving His All Without Stepping On Anyone's Toes. Ghost Of A Dog Is Definitely A Record To Own If You Love The Music That Came Out Of The Early '90s Folk-Rock Scene. Along With The Efforts Of Bands Like 10,000 Maniacs, It Stands The Test Of Time And Can Be Enjoyed Over The Years. But, Sadly, It Marks The Second And Last Release From This Band.” Kelly McCartney, AMG.... more details
No Image
Circle / Now / Plain Jane
Pop New - 12 GEF 51T Geffen
1989 Picture Sleeve 12". "Plain Jane" Previously Unissued.... more details
Brickell, Edie / New Bohemians - Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars
Pop New - LP GSH 24192 Geffen
Sealed 1988 Vinyl. Small Saw Notch.... more details
Brickell, Edie / New Bohemians - Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars
Pop Used - LP GHS 24192 Geffen
Beautiful 1988 Original With Custom Inner Sleeve. Autographed And Doodled On The Front Cover By Edie. Appears Unplayed. “As Debut Albums By Young Bands Go, Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars Is Nearly Flawless. With A Slight Southern Twinge In Her Voice, The 23-Year-Old Brickell Churned Out Brilliant Lyrics And Captivating Vocal Performances, Backed By The Solid And Innovative Players That Comprised The Original New Bos — Kenny Withrow, Brad Houser, John Bush, And Brandon Aly. Twisting Words Like Putty, Brickell Wraps Herself Up In Phrases And Melodic Lines With Layers Of Meaning Not Easily Grasped At First Listen. Her Simple Observations Offer Deep Contemplations For The Willing Disciples Of Her Musical Philosophies. The Catchy Breakthrough Hit "What I Am" Is The Perfect Example: "I'm Not Aware Of Too Many Things/I Know What I Know, If You Know What I Mean." Zen And The Art Of Songwriting. On Other Fronts, Brickell's Fascination With Actress Edie Sedgwick Turned Itself Into "Little Miss S.," While Strained Friendships Inspired "Circle." Every Song On This Record Hits Its Mark And Is Worthy Of Special Attention.” Kelly McCartney, All Music Guide.... more details
Brickell, Edie / New Bohemians - Ghost Of A Dog Ghost Of A Dog
Pop Used - LP GHS 24304 Geffen
Beautiful and Scarce 1990 Original In Custom Inner Sleeve. Appears Unplayed.... more details

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