Butterfield Blues Band

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Butterfield Blues Band Live
New - LP - 7E 2001
Sealed 1970 2LP Gatefold Original Recorded Live At The Troubador In Los Angeles. Produced By Todd Rundgren. Pristine Copy. more
Used - LP - EKS 7315
Sealed 70's Issue With Small Cut Out Hole. more
New - LP - EKS 7315
Factory Sealed 1966 Heavy Vinyl Stereo Original. Pristine Copy. “The Second Butterfield Album Had An Even Greater Effect On Music History, Paving The Way For Experimentation That Is Still Being Explored Today. This Came In The Form Of An Extended Blues-Rock Solo (Some 13 Minutes) -- A Real Fusion Of Jazz And Blues Inspired By The Indian Raga. This Groundbreaking Instrumental Was The First Of Its Kind And Marks The Root From Which The Acid Rock Tradition Emerged.” Jeff Tamarkin, All Music Guide. more
Used - LP - P 8351E
Japanese Pressing With Wide Obi And Insert. more
Used - LP - EKS 7315
Beautiful German Tan Label Stereo Housed In A Laminated Cover. Back Cover Has UK Address; Labels Have German Info. more
In My Own Dream
New - LP - LP 5098
Sealed 2002 180gm HQ Stereo Gatefold Reissue. more
In My Own Dream
Used - LP - EKS 74025
1968 Gold Label Stereo Gatefold. Hint Of Ring Wear. more
In My Own Dream
New - LP - EKS 74025
Sealed 1968 Stereo Gatefold Original. Clean Cut Out Hole. “Sometimes, One Has To Wonder Whether The Youth Of The 1960s Were Really As Open To New Ideas And New Sounds As Their Press Would Make You Believe. Take The Album At Hand, In My Own Dream By The Paul Butterfield Blues Band -- Their Fourth Official Release (Though Two Others Have Since Gone Into Their Discography At Earlier Points), It Marked The Point Where The Band Really Began To Lose Its Audience, And All For Reasons Having Nothing To Do With The Quality Of Their Music. They'd Gotten Past The Loss Of Michael Bloomfield In Early 1967, Over Which They'd Surrendered Some Of Their Audience Of Guitar Idolaters, With The Engagingly Titled (And Guitar-Focused) Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw. In My Own Dream Had Its Great Guitar Moments, Especially On "Just To Be With You," But Throughout The Album, Elvin Bishop's Electric Guitar Shared The Spotlight With The Horn Section Of Gene Dinwiddle, David Sanborn, And Keith Johnson, Who Had Signed On With The Prior Album And Who Were More Out In Front Than Ever. More To The Point, This Album Represented A New Version Of The Band Being Born, With Shared Lead Vocals, With The Leader Himself Only Taking Three Of The Seven Songs, And Bassist Bugsy Maugh Singing Lead On Two Songs, Bishop On One, And Drummer Phillip Wilson Taking One Song. What's More, There Was A Widely Shared Spotlight For The Players, And More Of A Jazz Influence On This Record Than Had Ever Been Heard Before From The Group. This Was A Band That Could Jam Quietly For Five Minutes On "Drunk Again," Building Ever-So-Slowly To A Bluesy Crescendo Where Bishop's Guitar And Mark Naftalin's Organ Surged; And Follow It With The Title Track, A Totally Surprising Acoustic Guitar-Driven Piece Featuring Sanborn, Dinwiddle, And Johnson. The Playing Was Impressive, Especially For A Record Aimed At A Collegiate Audience, But The Record Had The Bad Fortune To Appear At A Point When Jazz Was Culturally Suspect Among The Young, An Elitist And Not Easily Accessible Brand Of Music That Seemed Almost As Remote As Classical Music (I.E. "Old People's" Music). "Get Yourself Together" Was Almost Too Good A Piece Of Chicago-Style Blues, A Faux Chess Records-Style Track That Might Even Have Been Too "Black" For The Remnants Of Butterfield's Old Audience. It Also Anticipated The Group's Final Change Of Direction, Its Blossoming Into A Multi-Genre Blues/Jazz/R&B/Soul Outfit, Equally Devoted To All Four Genres And Myriad Permutations Of Each.” Bruce Eder, AMG. more
Keep On Moving
Used - LP - EKS 74053
1969 Second Label (Red Elektra). Cut Out Hole. Slight Corner Bump. more
Keep On Moving
New - LP - EKS 74053
Sealed 1969 Stereo (Label Variation Unknown). Cut Corner. more
Keep On Moving
New - LP - EKS 74053
Sealed 1969 Heavy Vinyl Stereo Original. One Corner Rub. more
Keep On Moving
Used - LP - EKS 74053
1969 Second Label (Red Elektra) Still In Shrink Wrap. Cut Out Hole. Some Rubbing On Seams. more
Resurection Of Pigboy Crabshaw
New - LP - EKS-74015
Factory Sealed, Label Variation Unknown, But Probably An Original Pressing. Features Elvin Bishop, David Sanborn. more
Resurection Of Pigboy Crabshaw
Used - LP - EKS-74015
1971 Butterfly Label Reissue In Shrink Wrap. Vinyl Appears Glossy, Unplayed. Features Elvin Bishop, David Sanborn And Dr. John. The Last Album To Feature Co-Founder Alan Wilson. Recommended. more
Resurection Of Pigboy Crabshaw
New - LP - LP 5097
Sealed 2002 180gm Reissue. more
Sometimes I Feel Like Smilin'
New - LP - EKS 75013
Sealed 1971 Textured Cover Original. Also Features Big Black And David Sanborn. Pristine Store Stock Copy. more

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