Human League

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Human League - Crash Crash
Pop New - LP SP 5129 A&M
Sealed 1986 Gatefold Original With Custom Song Hype Sticker On Shrink. Saw Cut.... more details
Human League - Don't You Want Me Don't You Want Me
Pop New - LP VS466-12 Virgin
Sealed 1981 UK TAS Superdisc List 12 Inch 45rpm Rarity.... more details
Human League - Hysteria Hysteria
Pop New - LP SP 4923 A&M
Sealed 1984 Gatefold Original, Small Saw Cut. Custom Song Hype Sticker On The Shrink Wrap.... more details
Human League - Dare Dare
Pop New - LP SP 4892 A&M
Sealed 1981 Gatefold Original. Saw Cut. “Dare! Captures A Moment In Time Perfectly -- The Moment Post-Punk's Robotic Fascination With Synthesizers Met A Clinical Bowie-Esque Infatuation With Fashion And Modern Art, Including Pop Culture, Plus A Healthy Love Of Songcraft. The Human League Had Shown Much Of This On Their Early Singles, Such As "Empire State Human," But On Dare! They Simply Gelled, As Their Style Was Supported By Music And Songs With Emotional Substance. That Doesn't Mean That The Album Isn't Arty, Since It Certainly Is, But That's Part Of Its Power -- The Self-Conscious Detachment Enhances The Postmodern Sense Of Emotional Isolation, Obsession With Form Over Content, And Love Of Modernity For Its Own Sake. That's Why Dare! Struck A Chord With Listeners Who Didn't Like Synth Pop Or The New Romantics In 1981, And Why It Still Sounds Startlingly Original Decades After Its Original Of Course, That All Wouldn't Matter If The Songs Themselves Didn't Work Smashingly, Whether It's A Mood Piece As Eerie As "Seconds," An Anti-Anthem Like "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of," The Dance Club Glow Of "Love Action (I Believe In Love)," Or The Utter Genius Of "Don't You Want Me," A Devastating Chronicle Of A Frayed Romance Wrapped In The Greatest Pop Hooks And Production Of Its Year. The Latter Was A Huge Hit, So Much So That It Overshadowed The Album In The Minds Of Most Listeners, Yet, For All Of Its Shining Brilliance, It Wasn't A Pop Supernova -- It's Simply The Brightest Star On This Record, One Of The Defining Records Of Its Time.” Stehen Thomas Erlewine, AMG.... more details
Human League - Travelogue Travelogue
Pop New - LP 90880 Virgin
Sealed 1988 Original, Small Saw Cut. Before The Human League Reeled Off A Series Of Shiny Synth-Pop Hits Featuring Female Vocals, The Band Was Releasing Dark, Minimalistic & Slightly Proggy Synth-Pop. It Was After This Release That Martyn Ware And Ian Marsh Split To From B.E.F. While Vocalist Phil Oakey And Philip Wright Re-Aligned The Band Into One Of The More Successful Progenitors Of 80's Alternative Pop.... more details
Human League - Reproduction Reproduction
Pop Used - LP V2133 Virgin
1979 Original. Appears Unplayed.... more details
Human League - Travelogue Travelogue
Pop Used - LP V2160 Virgin
1980 UK Original. Appears Unplayed.... more details
Human League - Being Boiled / Circus Of Death Being Boiled / Circus Of Death
Pop Used - 12 K052-65 693 EMI
1978 Two-Track 45rpm 12" Single In Picture Sleeve. The Group's Most Excellent Debut Single. Some Creasing To The Delicate Paper Sleeve.... more details
Human League - Hysteria Hysteria
Pop New - LP SP 4923 A&M
Sealed 1984 Gatfold Original With Custom Hype Sticker On The Shrink Wrap. Small Sticker Tear Where Shrink Is Torn. "Three Years After Dare, Following A Pitched Battle With Their Commercial Insecurities, The League Finally Came Up With Hysteria. Following A Traumatic Split With Rushent, The Band Itself Produced The LP With Chris Thomas And Hugh Padgham, Wisely Omitting The Prior 45s In Favor Of New Songs, Some Of Which Are Quite Good. Stretching Styles To Encompass A Subtler, Tender Side, The Ballads ("Louise," "Life On Your Own") Provide The Record's Most Engaging Moments, Although They Exacerbate Oakey's Vocal Limitations. Taking An Ill-Advised Political Turn, "The Lebanon" Offers Simpleminded Drama With A Pop Hook; "Don't You Know I Want You" Is An Almost-Clever Attempt To Acknowledge And Recycle The Sound (And Title) Of Their Biggest Hit.” – Trouserpress... more details
Human League - Octopus Octopus
Pop Used - LP 98750 East West
1995 Vinyl Rarity. Black Jacket Shows Hint Of Wear, LP Appears Unplayed.... more details
Human League - Fascination! Fascination!
Pop New - LP SP 12501 A&M
Sealed 1983 Original.... more details
Human League - Romantic? Romantic?
Pop Used - LP 75021 5316 A&M
1990 Original. Corners Are Pushed.... more details
Human League - Louise Louise
Pop Used - LP VS723 Virgin
1984 Two Track 12" Single In Picture Sleeve. Title Track B/W "The Sign (Extended Re-mix)." Vinyl Appears Glossy. Poster Not Included.... more details
Human League - Crash Crash
Pop New - LP VL 2391 Virgin
Sealed 1986 Canadian Gatefold Original With Rare Custom Song Hype Sticker On Shrink. Small Saw Cut. Includes The Hit "Human."... more details
Human League - Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
Pop New - LP SP 5227 A&M
Sealed 1988 Record Club Pressing.... more details

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