John Cougar Mellencamp

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

John Cougar Mellencamp - Lonesome Jubilee Lonesome Jubilee
Pop Audiophile - LP MFSL 1-222 Mobile Fidelity
Factory Sealed 1995 Limited Edition, Half-Speed Mastered 200gm Anadisc Housed In A Deluxe Gatefold Cover. This Is Number 3393. “John Mellencamp's Fascination With The American Heartland Came Into Full Flower On Scarecrow, But With Its Follow-Up, The Lonesome Jubilee, He Began Exploring American Folk Musics, Adding Fiddle, Accordions, And Acoustic Guitars To His Band, Which Allowed Him To Explore Folk And Country. The Expansion Of His Band Coincided With His Continuing Growth As A Songwriter. Song For Song, The Lonesome Jubilee Is Mellencamp's Strongest Album, The Record Where He Captured His Romantic, If Decidedly Melancholy, Vision Of Working-Class America. He May Recycle The Same Lyrical Ideas As Before, But He Captures Them Better Than Ever, And His Music Is Richer, Which Gives The Album Resonance. Again, There Are A Few Moments Where Mellencamp's Reach Exceeds His Grasp, But "Paper In Fire," "Check It Out," "Cherry Bomb," "Empty Hands," And "Hard Times For An Honest Man" Make The Record His Best.” Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG.... more details
John Cougar Mellencamp - Uh-Huh Uh-Huh
Pop New - LP RVL 7504 Riva
Sealed 1983 Original First Pressing With Custom Song Hype Sticker On Shrink Wrap. Pristine Copy. “Since American Fool Illustrated That John Cougar Was Becoming An Actual Songwriter, It's Only Proper That He Reclaimed His Actual Last Name, Mellencamp, For The Follow-Up, Uh-Huh. After All, Now That He Had Success, He Wanted To Be Taken Seriously, And Uh-Huh Reflects That In Its Portraits Of Brokenhearted Life In The Midwest And Its Rumbling Undercurrent Of Despair. Although His Lyrics Still Have The Tendency To Be A Little Too Vague, They Are More Effective Here Than Ever Before, As Is His Music; He Might Not Have Changed His Style At All -- It's Still A Fusion Of The Stones And Springsteen -- Except That He Now Knows How To Make It His Own. Uh-Huh Runs Out Of Steam Toward The End, But The First Half -- With The Dynamic Rocker "Crumblin' Down," His Best Protest Song, "Pink Houses," The Punky "Authority Song," The Melancholy "Warmer Place To Sleep," And The Garage Rocker "Play Guitar" -- Makes The Record His First Terrific Album.” Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG.... more details
John Cougar Mellencamp - Scarecrow Scarecrow
Pop New - LP 824 865 Polygram
Sealed 1985 RCA Club Edition With Custom Printed Inner Sleeve. A Loose Concept Album About Lost Innocence And The Crumbling Of Small-Town America, "Scarecrow" Says As Much With Its Tough Rock And Gentle Folk-Rock As It Does With Its Lyrics. "Rain On The Scarecrow" And "Small Town" Capture The Hopes And Fears Of Middle America, While "Lonely Ol' Night" And "Rumbleseat" Effortlessly Convey The Desperate Loneliness Of Being Stuck In A Dead-End Life. Those Four Songs Form The Core Of The Album, And While The Rest Of The Album Isn't Quite As Strong, That's Only A Relative Term, Since It's Filled With Lean Hooks And Powerful, Economical Playing That Make Scarecrow One Of The Definitive Blue-Collar Rock Albums Of The 1980’s.... more details
John Cougar Mellencamp - Big Daddy Big Daddy
Pop New - LP 838 220 Mercury
Sealed, Hard To Find 1989 Record Club Only Original. "Continuing With The Folk Inclinations Of The Lonesome Jubilee, John Mellencamp Recorded His Most Ambitious And Serious-Minded Album With Big Daddy. Mellencamp Produced The Record Himself, Giving The Album A Concise And Stripped-Down Sound, Which Help Give His Songs The Appearance Of Being Gritty Statements Of Truth. Unfortunately, Mellencamp Isn't Saying Nearly As Much As He Believes He Is, Since His Lyrics Tend To Be Clichéd And Half-Baked, Making Much Of The Album Feel Pompous And Self-Serving. This Is Only Reinforced By The Lack Of Rockers On Big Daddy, Since He Saves The Most Carefree Moment -- A Ripping Cover Of The Hombres' "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)" -- For An Unlisted Bonus Track. Still, When He Does Hit His Target, Like On The Gentle "Jackie Brown," The Stuttering, Fiddle-Driven "Sometimes A Great Notion," And Even The Self-Pitying "Pop Singer," Mellencamp Proves That His Talents Haven't Abandoned Him." Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Amg.... more details

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