Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

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Pop Used - LP 382620 Mute
UK 180gm Import With Poster. Unplayed.... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Controversial Negro Controversial Negro
Pop New - LP Z
... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Crypt-Style Crypt-Style
Pop Used - LP LP 029 Crypt
1992 Heavy Vinyl Original. Debut Release From The Former Pussy Galore Frontman And His Fuzz Blues Band.... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Plastic Fang Plastic Fang
Pop New - LP OLE 542-1 Matador
Factory Sealed 2002 Limited Edition 2LP Original Housed In A Baggie With A Display Tag Affixed At The Top So It Could Be Hung From A Hook. Custom Hype Sticker On Baggie. Includes 4 Bonus Tracks Not Released On CD.... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Controversial Negro Controversial Negro
Pop New - LP OLE 255-1 Matador
Sealed 1995 Promotional Only Original Recorded Live At The Hotel Congress, Tucson, Arizona. What Look Like Tears Are Part Of The Cover Design. This Album Was Distributed Via A Promo Contest For College Radio Stations And Involved Answering A Number Of Trivia Questions. Winning Stations Were Sent 20 Copies Along With Some Boxes Of Rice-A-Roni. Cover Art Appears To Be A Warhol, But Apparently Not.... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Acme Acme
Pop New - LP STUMM154 Mute
Sealed 1998 UK Original. Bar Code Sticker Under The Shrink.... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Experimental Remixes Experimental Remixes
Pop New - LP JSBX3 Mute
Sealed Heavy Vinyl 2LP Original With Custom Hype Sticker Under Shrink. “With Experimental Remixes, Various Indie Rock, Dance, And Hip-Hop Luminaries Step In To Remix And Rearrange A Handful Of Blues Explosion Songs, And Manage To Create An Interesting And Enjoyable Collection. Jon Spencer Has Long Voiced His Admiration For Hip-Hop, So It's No Surprise That He Would Want To Collaborate With Some Of The Best Samplers And Remixers In The Business. Beck And The Beastie Boys' Mike D Turn "Flavor" Into A Cut-And-Paste Workout, While Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic Injects "Soul Typecast" With Funk And Menace. However, It's "Greyhound" That Gets The Best Makeover, Courtesy Of Moby And The Wu-Tang Clan's Genius/GZA And Killah Priest. Moby's Version Is A Screaming Piece Of Techno-Pop, With A Brilliant Guitar Solo Laid On Top. This Segues Into Genius/GZA's Starker Version, In Which Nearly All Of The Instruments Have Dropped Out, Leaving Only The Rolling Bassline And Drums To Contend With Killah Priest's Rapping. Experimental Remixes Is Sure To Appeal To Both Fans Of The Blues Explosion And To Fans Of The Artists Featured Throughout The Album.” – Brandon Gentry, AMG... more details
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Acme Acme
Pop New - LP OLE 322 Matador
Sealed 1998 Original. “Part Of The Reason The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Is So Distasteful To The Legions Of Blues Purists Is That Spencer Cherishes Not The Mythology Of The Blues Or The Songcraft, But The Groove, The Actual Sound Of Classic Blues Records. He Could Care Less About Songwriting Or Technique; What's Important Is The Feel And The Grit Of The Performance, Whether It's On-Stage Or On Record. Often, That Means That The Blues Explosion's Records Are Better When They're Playing Than They Are In Memory, But There's No Question That Ever Since Extra Width, The New York Trio Was Exceptionally Shrewd In Crafting Albums That Pack Real Sonic Force. They Also Were Sharp Enough To Subtly Explore New Territory With Each Album, Gradually Moving From The Stonesy Blooze Of Extra Width Through The Funky Orange And Gutbucket Now I Got Worry To Acme, Where Pure Sound Matters More Than Ever. Like The Stones, The Blues Explosion Never Abandon Their Signature Sound, Even When They're Branching Into New Territory. No Matter How Many Electronic Bleeps, Hip-Hop Loops, Or Cut-And-Paste Arrangements Rear Their Heads On Acme, Or How Many Producers Or Remixers Are Employed (Including Calvin Johnson, Steve Albini, Suzanne Dyer, Alec Empire, Jim Dickinson, And The Automator), The Primal, Two-Guitar Racket Remains At The Center Of The Blues Explosion's Sound. But The Electronica And Hip-Hop Flourishes Aren't Folly, Either -- They Confirm Spencer's Ultimate Goal Of Sound Over Structure, Force Over Sense.” – S. T. Erlewine, AMG... more details

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