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Loop - Guilded Eternity Guilded Eternity
Pop New - LP 2061 RCA
Sealed, Hard To Find 1990 Vinyl. 4 1/2 Stars In All Music Guide. The #1 U.K. Indie Band.... more details
Loop - World In Your Eyes World In Your Eyes
Pop Used - LP HEAD LP2 Head
Hard To Find 1987 UK Original. “The World In Your Eyes Compiles The Entirety Of Loop's 16 Dreams And Spinning 12" Singles And Adds Four Extra Songs. Their Earlier Phase Tends To Concentrate Centrally On Pounding A Giant Riff Into Submission With The Least Amount Of Backing Necessary, With All The Sunshine Happiness Of The Most Downered Stooges Sub-Blues Imagined. Generally, The World In Your Eyes Captures Some Of Loop's Most Straight-Ahead Material, And Robert Hampson's Vocals Are At Their Least Fiddled With, Production-Wise. Bex's Spartan Drum Patterns Usually Consist Of "Thwack," "Thwack-Thwack," Or "Thwack-Thwack-Pish"; She Might Not Stand A Chance In King Crimson, But She Fits The Bill Perfectly On Minimally Stomping Songs Like "16 Dreams" And "Head On." The Ten-Minute "Burning World" And 13-Minute Extended Version Of "Burning Prisma" (How Many Other Bands Do Extended Versions Of Ten-Minute Songs?) Both Have The Entrancing Qualities Of The Best Spacemen 3; The Lengthier Version Features Some Extended Soloing That Avoids Flash And Wank. "Brittle Head Girl"'S Melancholia Strikes Upon Third Album Velvet Underground, Bizarrely Using Shades Of New Wave Synth. A Brilliantly Fevered Cover Of Suicide's "Rocket USA" (From A Peel Session) Captures All The Rush And Frenzy Of The Original; Hampson's Vocals Do Alan Vega Proud, Evoking All The Evacuated Headspace Required: "Gonna Crash/Gonna Die." A Racing Rhythm Box Drives It In The Same Manner Of The Original, But The Stun Guitars Add Something That The Earlier Version Arguably Lacks.” – Andy Kellman, AMG... more details
Loop - Fade Out Fade Out
Pop Used - LP ROUGH US 52 Rough Trade
1988 US Gatefold Original. Vinyl Is VG++. “Distinguishing One Loop Album From Another Is Nearly As Tricky As Doing The Same For Ramones Or AC/DC. Since Loop More Or Less Stuck To One Thing, Remaining Consistently Great And Gradually Developing An Experimentalist Streak Throughout Their Brief Lifespan, The Actual Sound Of Each Release Is What Separates One From The Next. Aside From Increasing Control Over Their Instruments, There Isn't A Great Deal Of Actual Progress Made, But This Is No Fault. Wrecking Ball Riffs That Remain Firmly Balanced Between Lunkheaded And Complex Always Play A Major Role; Simple But Effective Rhythms Propel; Robert Hampson's Vocals Generally Play The Role Of Additional Instrument, Doing Little More Than Expressing The Subject Given In The Titles. Like The Remainder Of Their Discography, The Song Titles Themselves Are Ideally Descriptive. "This Is Where You End" And "Torched" Have Some Of Hampson's Meanest Vocals, Contrasting With The Wasted (Or, Well, Faded) Effect Provided On "Fade Out." Repetitive Stutter Shuffles Play Throughout "Vision Stain." "Pulse" And "Black Sun" Offer Massive Howling. The Guitar Leads Sound Ear-Piercingly Tinny And High In The Mix On Occasion, Perhaps To Distinguish Further From The Droning Riffs.” – Andy Kellman, AMG... more details
Loop - Heaven's End Heaven's End
Pop Used - LP HEAD LP1 Head
Hard To Find 1987 UK Original With Custom Inner Sleeve. Top Seam Split And Light Superficial Marks On Vinyl, Hence Price. “Had Loop Been Present At Woodstock, They Probably Would Have Hatched A Plan To Obtain All The Brown Acid That Wavy Gravy Warned Spectators Not To Take. After Hearing His Declaration That "The Brown Acid's A Bummer, Man!," Robert Hampson And His Droogs Would Have Likely Gone Incognito As Security Staff, Offering To Rid The Concert Goers Of The Bad Trips Waiting To Be Had. They Would Have Procedeed To Ingest What They Could And Record Something Like Heaven's End, A Filler-Free Release Of Warped Senses And Personal Demons, Inner-Space Blues, And Psychotic Dementia. It Sounds Like A Vast Toxic Wasteland Where All Negativity Is Dumped By The Soul. Simple, Tense Riffs Repeat Until A State Of Hypnosis And Emotional Emptiness Remain. "Heaven's End" Itself Sounds Like The Soundtrack To A Missing Hallucination Scene From Easy Rider; Shifting And Shuffling Percussion And Twisted Vapor Trails Of Guitar Mutate Into Utter Mush. Samples From 2001 Pop Up Throughout The Record, If The Music Itself Wasn't Enough To Carry A Prevailing Sense Of Paranoia And Claustrophobia. But All The Late-'60s References Become Stifling In Conveying What Loop Did. Along The Way, Loop Gutted All The Spiritual Mysticism From Can, Taking Their Repetition. They Also Borrow Suicide's Minimal Charge And Early Pil's Wretched Anguish, Making Something Rather Unique From Their Influences. Though Heaven's End Demonstrates A Crystal Clear Indebtedness To Detroit's High-Energy Mayhem Of The Late ‘60s, It's Actually The Gunmetal Gray Sound Of The Stooges And MC5 Filtered Through Decades Of Urban Decay.” – Andy Kellman, AMG... more details

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