Love And Rockets

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Love And Rockets
Pop New - LP 59715 Beggars Banquet
Sealed 1989 Vinyl. ... more details
Love And Rockets - Express Express
Pop Used - LP 6011-1-B Big Time
1986 Original From Former Bauhaus Members. Shrink Wrap Intact. Appears Unplayed. “Rich In Sonic Detail, The Neo-Psychedelic Express Offers A Listening Experience Like No Other Album -- Guitars Spiral To Dizzying Heights From Beds Of Sound, Arrangements Swirl, Songs Change And Mutate. "Kundalini Express" Typifies Love And Rockets' Approach, Chugging Along For Several Verses Before Breaking Open And Ascending Into The Heavens; Anglo-Fied Eastern Religious Imagery And Philosophy Predominate Lyrically, And In Tandem With The Psychedelic Music, Offer An Almost Quasi-Religious Experience. John A. Rivers (Who Also Co-Produced Love And Rockets' First Album) Outdoes Himself With The Sound On This Disc, Offering A Huge, Unique Canvas For The Band To Paint Its Sound On: Crystalline Acoustic Guitars Cut Through Thick, Distorted Tones, And The Bass Is An Equal Player To The Guitars And Drums. "Yin And Yang The Flower Pot Man" Is Ecstatically Upbeat, Offering A Propulsive Rhythm, Flailing Guitars, And Insistent Bass -- A Compulsively Danceable And Bliss-Inducing Track. "An American Dream," Meanwhile, Is An Anthem Of Sorts, With Distinct Sections Setting Apart The Moods Of Hope, Disillusionment, And Acceptance.” – Jonathan Ball, Allmusic... more details
Love And Rockets - Sorted! The Best Of Love And Rockets Sorted! The Best Of Love And Rockets
Pop New - LP BBQLP 2036 Beggars Banquet
Sealed 2011 2LP Compilation Housed In A Gatefold Jacket. 4 ½ Stars All Music Guide. "Love And Rockets' First Career-Spanning Compilation Is A Treat For Listeners Who Understand That The Trio Was Yet Another Alternative Artist Of The '80S (In Similar Company With The Smiths, The Cure, And Echo & The Bunnymen) Capable Of Impressing With Both Their LP And 12" Output. The Trio's Full-Length Classics, Express And Earth.Sun.Moon, Were Majestic, Ethereal, And Exquisitely Paced, While Their Singles Of The Same Period Displayed A Breathtaking Range -- From Dark Rockers ("Kundalini Express," "Ball Of Confusion [That's What The World Is Today]") To Lighter Material ("No New Tale To Tell," "Haunted When The Minutes Drag"). Much More Than Just A Hits Compilation, Sorted!: The Best Of Love And Rockets Also Includes The Best Of The Band's Album Tracks, Such As "It Could Be Sunshine," The Opener From 1986'S Express, And "Sweet Love Hangover" From 1996'S Sweet F.A.." John Bush, AMG.... more details
Love And Rockets - Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
Pop Used - LP BEGA 66 Beggars Banquet
1985 UK Gatefold Original. LP Appears New, Unplayed. “Though The Years Have Deadened Its Impact Somewhat, There Is Still A Visceral Thrill To Be Drawn From Replaying The First Love And Rockets Album, A Sense Of The First Step Taken Towards A Brave New World, And A Miasmic Whirl Of Psychedelic Intent That Masks Intents Even Darker Than The Preceding Bauhaus Ever Envisioned. Recorded And Released In 1985, Riding To Club Acclaim On The Back Of The "Ball Of Confusion" Remake, And Aligning Its Makers With A Destiny And Fame That No One Could Ever Have Predicted, Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven Ranks Among The Most Deceptive Debut Albums Of The 1980s. The Keys To The Album Remain The Same, Of Course -- The Churning Guitar Soup Of "The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By," The Sibilant Glam Sexuality Of The Title Track, The Chilling Nursery Rhyme Pendulum Of "The Game." But The Opiate Atmosphere That Chokes The Wide Open Spaces Leavened Within Every Song Only Thickens By The Time You Hit The Closing Acoustics Of "Saudade," And Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven Emerges As Profound An Experience As Any Of The Lauded Trips Of The Original Psychedelic Era. It Rounds Out The Experience With Dramatic Flair, Pinpointing The Sheer Creativity That Was Sparking Around Love And Rockets At The Dawn Of Their Decade-Long Career -- And Reminding You That That Decade Was Over All Too Quickly.” Dave Thompson, AMG.... more details

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