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Maximum Darkness
Pop Used - LP UAG 29872 United Artists
1975 UK Laminated Gatefold Original With Poster.... more details
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Man 1970
Pop Used - LP SLS 50380 Sunset
Early Reissue Of LBG 83464.... more details
Man - All's Well That Ends Well All's Well That Ends Well
Pop Used - LP MCF 2815 MCA
1977 UK Original Recorded Live At The Roundhouse. Man Were One Of The Most Promising Rock Bands To Come Out Of Wales In The Early '70s. Along With Brinsley Schwarz, They Helped Establish The Core Of The Pub Rock Sound, But They Played Louder And Also Had A Progressive Component To Their Work That Separated Them From Many Of Their Rivals.... more details
Man  - Revelation Revelation
Pop Used - LP NPL 18275 Pye
1969 UK Laminated Envelope Cover Stereo Original. LP Is Near Mint, Jacket Has Small Tear On Mouth. ... more details
Man - Man Man
Pop Used - LP LBG 83464 Liberty
Beautiful 1971 UK Textured Gatefold Original. The Glossy LP Appears Unplayed. Clive John, Terry Williams, Martin Ace, Roger Leonard And Micky Jones Are Featured On Man’s Eponymously-Titled Third LP. Most Enthusiasts Consider This To Be The Primal Version Of The Fluctuating Personnel. The Most Interesting Cut Is The 20 Minute Epic “Alchemist” Although The Proto-Punkish “Daughter Of The Fireplace” Was Chosen As The A-Side To The Only Single Extracted From This Album. Also Includes "Romain," "Country Girl" And "Would The Christians Wait Five Minutes? The Lions Are Having A Draw." Superb Psychedelic Nude Cover Art By Rotterdam.... more details
Man - Back Into The Future Back Into The Future
Pop Used - LP UA-LA179-H2 United Artists
1974 2LP Gatefold Original. Small Cut Corner.... more details
Man - Slow Motion Slow Motion
Pop New - LP UA-LA345-G United Artists
Sealed 1975 Original, Small CC.... more details
Man - Welsh-Connection Welsh-Connection
Pop Used - LP 2190 MCA
1976 Original In Shrink Wrap. Appears Glossy, Unplayed.... more details
Man - Back Into The Future Back Into The Future
Pop New - LP UA-LA179-H2 United Artists
Sealed 1973 2LP Gatefold Original. “Rock Music Is Littered With Bands That Wrecked On The Studio/Live Double Album Concept; Man Is Rare In That Their Attempt, Despite The Departure Of Clive John, Brought Them Their First Real Success. The Band's Tight Performance And Increasingly Ambitious Musical Experimentation Made Back Into The Future The First Man Album To Chart In The U.K.; When It Hit Number 23, It Was To Be The Band's High-Water Mark. Despite The Band's Live Reputation, The Studio Album Probably Holds Greater Interest For Listeners Today. The Title Track Is A Lyrical Evocation Of The Album's Charming Cover Art — A Staged Before-And-After Shot Of A Railway Station In Its Edwardian Prime, And Then In Modern Decrepitude. The Song's Wistful Glance At The Past Blurs With Dabs Of Modern Psychedelia, And It Conveys The Post-Sgt. Pepper's Fascination Of British Rockers With The Costumed Grandeur Of Empire Past. But It Is "Ain't Their Fight," With Its Echoing Vocals And Windmilling Guitar Riffs, That Stands Out As One Of The Band's Most Satisfying Tracks. Most Of The Rest Of The Album Is Comprised Of Lengthy Instrumentals, But The Opening "Never Say Nups To Nepalese" Is Worth Noting For Its Gloriously Crashing Crescendo, Cheerfully Lifted From Pink Floyd's "Echoes." And While The Live Set Uses A Male Choir To Haunting Effect In The Slow Psychedelic Jam Of "C'mon," It's More Typified By The Indulgent 21-Minute Boogie Marathon Of "Jam Jelly Up Tight." – Paul Collins, All Music Guide.... more details
Man - Golden Hour Of Man Golden Hour Of Man
Pop Used - LP GH 569 Golden Hour
1973 Compilation In Embossed Textured Jacket. SRW, Original Wherehouse $4.96 Price Tag On Back Jacket. Vinyl Appears Unplayed. “The Golden Hour Of Man Was Among The More Obscure Releases Within What Was Surely One Of The Most Ubiquitous, Yet At The Same Time Indispensable, Budget-Priced Compilation Series Of 1970s Britain, Cut-Priced Collections Drawn From The Pye Label Vaults That Built Into A Veritable Shrine To The Company's History. Welsh Prog Rock Band Man, Certainly The Most Adventurous Signing In The Label's Turn-Of-The-Decade Catalog, Was A Most Unlikely Addition To This Canon, But The Group Made It In Regardless, With An Hourlong Collection Of Cuts From The Two Lps Recorded For Pye During 1969. Neither Revelation (U.S. Title Manpower) Nor Its Follow-Up, 2 Ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle, Are Generally Considered Among Man's Finest Achievements — With The Bandmembers Still Finding Their Feet, Both Musically And Culturally, The Brace Captured Man In An Unwillingly Post-Psychedelic Mood, Several Steps Removed From The Uninhibited Jam Band Of Later Triumphs. Nevertheless, Several Future Favorites Are Already In The Band's Repertoire, Including The Soon-To-Be-Epic "Spunk Rock," The Should-Have-Been-A-Hit-Single "Sudden Life," And The Almighty "Brother Arnold's Red And White Striped Tent." These And More Highlight A Genuinely Enjoyable Journey Through The Band's Earliest Pages And, As Long As One Remembers The Limitations That Inexperience (And, Possibly, The Label's Own Demands) Placed On Man's Curiosity, This Golden Hour Is Rather Well Titled.” – Dave Thompson, All Music Guide... more details
Man - Rhinos, Winos + Lunatics Rhinos, Winos + Lunatics
Pop New - LP UA-LA247-G United Artists
Sealed 1974 Gatefold Original.... more details
Man - Slow Motion Slow Motion
Pop Used - LP UA-LA345-G United Artists
Mint 1975 Original In Shrink Wrap.... more details
Man - Slow Motion Slow Motion
Pop Used - LP UAG 29675 United Artists
1974 UK Original.... more details
Man - Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day
Prog Used - LP UA-LA077-F United Artists
1973 Gatefold Original With The Fold Out Origami Map Of Wales. Includes Custom Inner Sleeve With Man's Family Jungle. Very Light Wear On Cover.... more details
Man - 2ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle 2ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle
Pop Used - LP DNLS 3003 Dawn
1969 UK Orange Label Heavy Vinyl First Pressing Housed In A Laminated Gatefold Jacket. A1/B1 Stampers. The Delicate Jacket Is Overall VG+ With Crease Across The Bottom Right Corner. The LP Appears Unplayed.... more details
Man - Rhinos, Winos + Lunatics Rhinos, Winos + Lunatics
Pop New - LP UAG 29631 United Artists
Sealed 1974 UK Gatefold Original. Almost Certainly A-1U/B-1U Stampers.... more details
Man - Do You Like it Here Now, Are You Settling In? Do You Like it Here Now, Are You Settling In?
Pop Used - LP UAS 29236 United Artists
Rare 1971 UK Original. Slight Top Center Seam Crack. LP Appears Unplayed.... more details

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