Monster Magnet

Vinyl Records and Rare LPs:

Monster Magnet - Superjudge Superjudge
Pop Colored Vinyl 0079 A&M
Sealed 1993 Red Vinyl Rarity With Two Custom Hype Stickers On The Shrink Wrap. A Stoner Psych Classic! Corner Crease, Hence Killer Price.... more details
Monster Magnet - Spine Of God Spine Of God
Pop Used - LP GR 0172 Glitterhouse
1991 German Original. Vinyl Appears Unplayed. A Stoner Rock Classic.... more details
Monster Magnet - Drug Rock USA / Demos 1989 Drug Rock USA / Demos 1989
Pop New - LP 1007 Ricca
Sealed Rare Issue Of 1989 Demos. Shrink Is Torn At Top.... more details
Monster Magnet - Superjudge Superjudge
Pop Colored Vinyl 0079 A&M
1993 Red Vinyl Pressing Of Their Major Label Debut. A Stoner Psych Classic!... more details
Monster Magnet - Last Patrol Last Patrol
Heavy Metal New - LP NPR 490 LP Napalm
Sealed, Limited Edition 2013 2LP Gatefold Original With Small Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink. There Were Several Color Variations, But We Believe This Is Black Vinyl. Includes Two Bonus Tracks. “New Jersey's Monster Magnet Have Been Cranking Out Their Signature Blend Of FM Doom Rock And Cosmic Stoner Metal Since The Late '80s, And Releasing Fat Slabs Of It Every Three Years Since 1991, Which Makes 2013's Last Patrol The Venerable Band's Tenth Long-Player. Less Sonically Brutal Than 2011's Mastermind, Yet Still Seismic Enough To Bear The Weight Of The Monster Magnet Moniker, Dave Wyndorf And Company Have Crafted Another Late-Period Gem That Sounds Like An Amalgam Of The 13th Floor Elevators, Mark Lanegan, Ten Years After, And Mastodon. "I Live Behind The Clouds" ("Nothing's Important, Yet Everything Is/If There Ain't No Photo, I Just Don't Exist") Starts Things Out On A Heady Note, Easing Into The Action Like A Snake Poking Its Head Of Its Den, Before Lunging Into The Desert Proper On The Dusty Title Cut, A Nine-Minute Epic That Slithers Its Way Into Your Skull And Sets Up Camp. A Sabbath-Smacked Take On Donovan's Middle Eastern-Tinged "Three Kingfishers" Shows The Band's Musical Versatility Hasn’t Lost A Beat Over The Years, As Does The Bongo And Synth-Driven "The Duke Of Supernature," A Sleazy Tale Of Sex And Dark Magic That Wouldn't Sound Out Of Place On A Black Rebel Motorcycle Club LP. Last Patrol Ties Things Up Nicely With The One-Two Punch Of "Strobe Light Beatdown" And "One Dead Moon," The Former A Blistering Garage Rock Rager And The Latter A Midnight Power Ballad That Shakes Its Fist At The Inky Blue And Then Disappears Into Its Gaping Maw.” – J.C. Monger, AMG... more details
Monster Magnet - Superjudge Superjudge
Pop New - LP OAR 1112 Obscure Alternatives
Sealed 2012 2LP Gatefold Reissue With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink.... more details
Monster Magnet - Powertrip Powertrip
Pop New - LP OAR 1114 Obscure Alternatives
Sealed 2012 2LP Gatefold Reissue With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink.... more details
Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity Dopes To Infinity
Pop New - LP OAR 1113 Obscure Alternatives
Sealed 2012 2LP Gatefold Reissue. Includes The 16 Minute Bonus Track "Forbidden Planet." “Expecting Monster Magnet To Change From Art-Sludge-Psych Monsters Into Sweet Cuddlebunnies From Album To Album Clearly Demonstrates A Loss Of Reason. Wyndorf Himself Doesn't Need To Worry About Losing His Reason In Particular, Given How Psychotically Entertaining His Band Already Is, And Dopes To Infinity Is About As Far Apart From Superjudge As The Original Siamese Twins Were To Each Other. Maybe "Dopeheads To Infinity" Would Have Been The Better Title, But As The Title Track Fires Up Into Another Rampage Of Excessively Flanged Guitar, Storming Lead Riff, And Steady Drum Stomp, All Criticisms Get Left Behind Along With Any Sort Of Sanity. Wyndorf's Singing Is A Touch Crisper In The Mix This Time Out, While The Guitar Playing Is Even More Powerfully Direct And Epic Amidst All The Space-Out Swirl And Rockets To The Moon. It's The Secret Weapon Of The Album As A Whole, Turning Monster Magnet's Gift For The Large Scale Into Something That's Almost Uplifting, Often Connecting With A Listener Instead Of Dominating One. That Mellotron ("Look To The Orb For The Warning") And Strings (The Acoustic Guitar-Led "Blow 'Em Off") Are Evident Along With The Sitars, Folky Strums, And Similar Acid Quease Of Past Albums Only Makes Sense As A Result. Then Again, Songs Like "Ego, The Living Planet" And "Theme From 'Masterburner'" Do A Great Job At Sounding Like Thor Battling Galacticus For Control Of The Universe -- No Puny Humans Allowed. Lead Single "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" Became A Minor Hit, All The More Surprising Given How The Band's Idea Of A Commercial Single Features More Processed Guitar Backing Wyndorf On The Verses Than The Law Normally Allows. The Catchy Chug And Scream Of The Chorus Helps Nail It, Though, Showing That Wyndorf Can Find The Balance Between His Extreme And Less-So Sides When Desired.” Ned Raggett, AMG.... more details
Monster Magnet - 25 Tab 25 Tab
Pop New - LP NPR 745 Napalm
New, Unplayed 2017 Three Song Mini LP Housed In A Heavy Gatefold Cover With Shrink Wrap Intact. “Originally Released On Glitterhouse In Europe In 1991 But Only Seeing An American Issue Two Years Later As Caroline Took Advantage Of The Band's Newfound Major-Label Status, Tab...25 For Many Remains The High Point Of Monster Magnet As Extreme Downer Psych/Space Rock. For Good Reason As Well, Thanks To The Over Half-Hour-Long Title Track That Takes Up The Bulk Of The Space On The Disc. Finding A Perfectly Steady Head-Nodder Of A Groove That Wouldn't Sound Out Of Place At All On A Loop Album, Say, And With Extremely Strung-Out Guitar Soloing Madness To Boot, "Tab...25" Sounds Exactly Like The Nightmarish Orange-Eye Image On The Back Cover Looks: Weird, Alien, And Not Quite In Control Of Itself. Dave Wyndorf's Singing Consists Mostly Of The Occasional Wordless Wail And Slurred Vocal, Often Treated With As Much Delay And Flanging As The Guitars Themselves, Though His One Spoken-Word Break, However Slightly Inaudible, Provides A Bit Of A Rock To Cling To Amid The Slow-Grind Chaos. Even More Feedback And Noise Gets Added As It Goes, And While For Some Listeners Patience Will Be Tested, As A Massive Epic It Just Can't Be Beaten..” Ned Raggett, AMG.... more details
Monster Magnet - Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol
Pop New - LP NPR 563 LP Napalm
Sealed, 2014 Limited Edition 2LP Gatefold. Two Hype Stickers On The Shrink Wrap. New Sounds, New Vocals, Different Instruments And Arrangements Make For A Weird 1960's Vibe Totally Apart From "Last Patrol."... more details
Monster Magnet - Cobras & Fire Cobras & Fire
Pop New - LP NPR 629 Napalm
Sealed 2015, 180 Gram Black Vinyl Edition With Gatefold Jacket. Featuring Re-Written And Newly Interpreted Tracks Of The Mastermind Album.... more details

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