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King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon
1976 Japanese Textured Gatefold First Pressing With Obi. 4 1/2 Stars In All Music Guide. LP Appears New, Unplayed....more
Pogues - Hell's Ditch
Sealed 2015 180gm Reissue With Custom Hype Sticker On Shrink. Produced By Joe Strummer....more
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Songs From Lonely Avenue
Sealed 2009 180gm HQ Original Housed In A Gatefold Jacket With Custom Album Hype Sticker On The Shrink Wrap. Pristine Copy....more
Bowie, David - The Man Who Sold The World
Sealed 2016 180gm Remastered, Picture Disc Reissue. Very Limited Edition Record Store Day Exclusive....more
Lennon, John - Wonsaponatime
New, Unplayed 1998 UK 2LP 180gm HQ Gatefold With Custom Inner Sleeves....more
Betsy / Bitch Related - Betsy
Sealed 1988 Original. Clean Cut Out Hole. Bitch Took The Name Of Their Lead Singer For An Album And Explored A Less Gimmicky Hard Rock Sound. They Changed Back To Bitch After This Release And Continued The Alice Cooper Inspired S&M Theatrics....more
Leatherwolf - Leatherwolf
Sealed 1987 Original With Custom Song Hype Sticker On Shrink. Small Saw Cut. Not To Be Confused With Their Self-Titled Debut EP....more
Pahinui, Gabby - Gabby
Sealed 1972 Textured Gatefold Original. Features James "Bla" Pahinui, Cyril Pahinui, Philip And Martin Pahinui, Leland Isaacs And Manuel Kupahu. First Copy We Have Had In Stock In Ten Years....more
Funkadelic - Electric Spanking Of War Babies
Sealed 1991 Gatefold Reissue Featuring Completely Different Artwork Than The 1981 Warner Brothers Release....more
Cherry, Don - Home Boy
1985 French Embossed Cover Original In Shrink Wrap. Appears Unplayed. Features Ramuntcho Matta, Negrito Trasante, Fil Mong, Janick Top And Others....more
Monk, Meredith - Dolmen Music
Sealed 1981 German Gatefold Original. Stunning, Other-Worldly Vocals. “Meredith Monk Has Such A Wonderful And Unique Vocal Style That She Is Able To Sing In Complete Abstraction (No Known Words Or Language For Much Of The Album) Yet Maintain A Very Emotional And Even Sentimental Quality In These Abstractions, At Times. Listeners Who Can Get Past Just How Unique And Abstract Her Approach Is Will Find Immense Joy And Sadness Deep Within Her Pieces. On Dolmen Music, Monk Wavers From Being Sad To The Point Of Being Quite Morose (Such As The Tracks "Gotham Lullaby" And "The Tale") To Being Happy To The Point Of Hysteria (As On "Traveling" And "Biography") Without Skipping A Beat. Most Of The Musical Accompaniment Is Minimalist (Mainly Piano With Occasional, Sparse Percussion, Guest Vocalists Also Being Prominent On The Final Six-Part Track "Dolmen Music"). This Minimalist Support Only Furthers Monk's Vast Vocal Language As The Prominent Focus In The Recordings. Listeners Will Also Be Very Pleased To Find That Her Wonderful Voice Is Not Crowded Or Overshadowed. A True Original, Monk's Work Should Be Sought By Anyone With An Interest In Vocal Exploration.” Michael G. Breece, AMG....more
Keith Jarrett / Jan Garbarek - Luminessence: Music For String Orchestra And Saxophone
Sealed 1974 Embossed Cover German Original. Keith Jarret Is The Composer But Does Not Actually Play On The Record. Features Jan Garbarek On Tenor And Soprano Saxes Playing With The Strings Of The Sudfunk Symphony Orchestra....more
Frisell, Bill - Lookout For Hope
Sealed, Very Hard To Find 1988 Original. Small Saw Cut. “Bill Frisell's Early Work Even In Its Retrospectively Rawest Form Holds All Of The Values That He Has Evinced Through His Entire Career. Country And Eastern Sounds Merge With A Signature Sky Church Electric Approach That Is Unique Unto Only Himself. Lookout For Hope Brands Frisell As A Visionary, A Virtuoso, And A Fusioneer Of Many Sounds That Set Him Far Apart From Labelmates Pat Metheny, John Abercrombie, And Terje Rypdal. While Both Frisell And Rypdal Give Giant Kudos To Jimi Hendrix, There Is A Sense Of Peace And Serenity That Puts Soulfulness On A Different Plane. Cellist Hank Roberts And Bassist Kermit Driscoll Have Much To Do With Giving Frisell His Head, Weaving Similar Silver Sounds In And Through Him. Then Add Joey Baron's Deft, Precise, And Colorful Drumming To Put The Exclamation Point On Frisell's New Approach To Improvised Music. Where The Haunting, Ringing, Rocking, Strident Sound Of Hendrix Is Resurrected And Modernized During The Title Selection, "Hang Dog" Has The Afro-Asian Minimalist Resonance Of Steve Reich Accented In 7/8 Time By Frisell's Banjo. Nods To Ornette Coleman's Puzzle-Pieced Surety On The Peppy Head Arrangement Of "The Animal Race" And The Twangy, Witty, Cartoonish Take Of Thelonious Monk's "Hackensack" Brands Frisell A True Maverick And Individualist. At Its Best, East And West Merge Someplace In Between During The Memorably Beautiful Overdubbed And Echoing Sounds On "Lonesome," While The Slight Yet Sincere Expectation Evinced On "Animal Prints" Is The Seamless And Alluring Alchemy Of Natural, Spiritual, And Ethereal. With Lookout For Hope, Bill Frisell Is Not So Much Setting Trends And Fashion As He Is Establishing A Fresh Sound, Utterly Unique From All Others, And Laying A Foundation For Many Things To Come.” Michael G. Nastos, AMG....more
Frisell, Bill - Before We Were Born
Sealed, Very Hard To Find 1989 Original Pressed On Pure Virgin Vinyl. Small Saw Cut. Custom Album Hype Sticker On The Shrink Wrap. “Bill Frisell Has Been One Of The Most Unique Jazz-Based Guitarists Of The 1980s And '90s, A Very Eclectic Player Who Can Switch Styles And Sounds On A Moment's Notice, Yet Is Always Quite Distinctive. On This Atmospheric And Picturesque Set, Frisell Uses His Regular Quartet Of The Time (Cellist Hank Roberts, Bassist Kermit Driscoll And Drummer Joey Baron) On Some Selections, But Also Interacts With Fellow Guitarist Arto Lindsay, Keyboardist Peter Scherer And, On "Some Song And Dance," Baritonist Doug Wieselman And Both Julius Hemphill And Billy Drewes On Altos. A Special Highlight Is The Episodic "Hard Plains Drifter," Which Has This As A Subtitle: "As I Take My Last Breath And The Noose Grows Tight, The Incredible Events Of The Past Three Days Flash Before My Eyes." A Very Intriguing And Colorful Set Of Eccentric Music” Scott Yanow, AMG.....more
Warren, Peter - Solidarity
1982 German White Label Original Featuring John Scofield, John Purcell, Jack De Johnette And Ray Anderson. Appears Glossy, Unplayed....more

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