Stanshall, Viv

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Stanshall, Viv - Sir Henry At Rawlinson End Sir Henry At Rawlinson End
Pop Used - LP CAS 1139 Charisma
Beautiful 1978 UK Embossed Cover Original With Colour Poster. Appears Unplayed. "To Call Sir Henry At Rawlinson End (The First Of Stanshall's Sir Henry Spoken-Word Sagas) Bizarre Is Like Saying Carter Has A Few Little Liver Pills. The Former Bonzo Dog Band Frontman Lets His Imagination Run Riot On What Is, Essentially, A Parody Of British Radio Serials Mixed With His Interpretation Of P.G. Wodehouse, All Tempered By The Deflating Sensibility Of, Say, Monty Python. Does It Make Sense? No. Is There A Plot? No. Does It Matter? Not A Bit. Stanshall Is Superbly Entertaining, A Wordsmith Who Can Trip From The Sublime To The Louche In The Wink Of An Eye, From Wicked Puns To Appalling Jokes In A Tale (Of Sorts) Set In A Country Estate, And Told In More Accents Than You Can Shake A Stick At. The Music (Uncredited, But Quite Probably Former Bandmate Neil Innes) Ranges From '20s Perky To Neo-Village Brass Band, Making An Apt Accompaniment For The Words. Allow Yourself To Get Lost In The World Of Rawlinson End For A While. It Might Be Disorienting, But It's Also Quite Enchanting. With Stanshall As Your Guide You'll Get Thoroughly Lost, But Come The End, You Really Won't Care. He's So Verbally Adept That His Web Of Words Will Leave You Happily Caught. So Maybe, Ultimately, It Really Is Completely Mad. It Doesn't Matter. It's Madness Touched With Genius In Conception And Performance, And That's Always Been A Rare Enough Commodity. Stanshall's Individual, Eccentric Talent Shines Like The Dong With The Luminous Nose." - Chris Nickson, AMG.... more details
Stanshall, Viv - Teddy Boys Don't Knit Teddy Boys Don't Knit
Pop Used - LP CAS 1153 Charisma
Beautiful 1981 UK Original Housed In A Textured Jacket With Custom Inner Sleeve.... more details
Stanshall, Viv - Sir Henry At Ndidi's Kraal Sir Henry At Ndidi's Kraal
Comedy Used - LP VERB 1 Demon Verbals
1984 UK Original With Insert. Appears Glossy, Unplayed. “Former Bonzo Dog Leader Stanshall Continued His Sir Henry "Epic" With Sir Henry At Ndidi's Kraal, A Record That Probably Raised Hackles On Its Release In 1983, And Maybe Even More So Now, With Its Portrayal Of The White Englishmen And His Superior Attitude Toward The Black South Africans Working For Him -- At One Point, He Even Paints Letters Of The Alphabet On Them (In White Gloss) Because He Can't Pronounce Their Names. But The Thing To Be Remembered Is That It's Meant To Be Funny, A Parody Of Those Colonials Who Trampled Unwittingly All Over Native Customs In The Name Of Empire And Civilization. On That Level, It Certainly Succeeds, Although Following The Narrative (Assuming That's Actually Possible) Is Like Finding Your Way Out Of The Labyrinth; After So Many Twists And Turns, It Becomes Almost Impossible. Apart From One Song, It's All Spoken Word, A Vehicle For Stanshall's Remarkable Stream-Of-Consciousness Wit And Wordplay, While The Musicians (Including Future Mekon Suzi Honeymoon) Remain Generally Unobtrusive -- Which Is Just As Well, Since The Tale And Its Telling Are Quite Mesmerizing Without Any Accompaniment. So Long As You Don't Ask What It's About, And Take It As A Gleeful Exercise In The Surrealism Of The English Language, You'll Love This Disc By The Late Stanshall.” Chris Nickson, AMG.... more details
Stanshall, Viv - Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead
Pop Used - LP POPPYLP015 Poppydisc
2012 UK Official, Authorized Reissue With Custom Inner Sleeve With Extensive Liner Notes. LP Appears Glossy, Unplayed. Features Steve Winwood, Neil Innes, Jim Capaldi, Reebop Kawaku Baah, Doris Troy, Madeleine Bell And Others.... more details
Stanshall, Viv - Teddy Boys Don't Knit Teddy Boys Don't Knit
Pop Used - LP CAS 1153 Charisma
1981 UK Original Housed In A Textured Jacket With Illustrated Custom Inner Sleeve Featuring Complete Lyrics. LP Appears Glossy, Unplayed. Cut Out Hole. Cover Art By Viv.... more details

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