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Dawn FM
New - LP - B0035096-01
Sealed 2022 2LP Gatefold Original. Custom Sticker On Rear Shrink With Track Listing. ""Blinding Lights" Artistically And Commercially Was So Optimal For Abel Tesfaye That It Quickly Became His Signature Song, And Was Only Two Years Old When Billboard Announced That It Had Rocketed Past Chubby Checker's "The Twist" To Claim The Title Of All-time Number One Hit. For The Follow-up To "Blinding Lights" Parent Album After Hours, Tesfaye Delves Deeper Into The Early- To Mid-'80s Pop Aesthetic. He Resurfaces With A Conceptual Sequel Designed As A Broadcast Heard By A Motorist Stuck In A Purgatorial Tunnel. The Primary Collaborators Are "Blinding Lights" Co-producers Max Martin And Oscar Holter, Plus Fellow After Hours Cohort Daniel Lopatin, Whose Airwaves-themed 2020 Lp Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Was Executive Produced By Tesfaye. Instead Of Scrambled Voices Like Those Heard On The Opn Album, Dawn Fm Features Recurrent Announcements From Jim Carrey As A Serene And Faintly Creepy Character, Or Maybe Himself, Intonating End-of-life Entertainment And Counsel. The Other Unlikely Appearances -- Quincy Jones With A Spoken Autobiographical Interlude, Beach Boy Bruce Johnston Somewhere In The Cocksure "How It's Going" Outlier "Here We Go...again" -- Are Ostentatious. In The Main, This Is A Space For Tesfaye To Fully Indulge His Frantic Romantic Side As His Co-conspirators Whip Up Fluorescent Throwback Euro-pop With Muscle And Nuance. Tesfaye's Almost Fathomless Vocal Facility Elevates Even The Most Rudimentary Expressions Of Co-dependency, Despair, Regret, And Obsession, And He Helps It All Go Down Easier With Station Id Jingles And An Amusingly Hyped-up Ad For "A Compelling Work Of Science Fiction" Called (The) "After Life." The Set Peaks Early With A Sequence Of Dejected Post-disco Jams That Writhe, Percolate, And Chug. Most Of These Songs Surpass The Bulk Of Daft Punk's Similarly Backward-gazing Random Access Memories, Projecting The Same Lust For Life With Underlying Existential Doom As Italo Disco Nuggets Such As Ryan Paris' "Dolce Vita." Toward The End Of That First-half Stretch, Tesfaye Reaffirms His R&b Roots And Affinity For Michael Jackson With A Cut Built From Alicia Myers' 1981 Gospel Boogie Classic "I Want To Thank You." After That, It Slows Down And Stretches Out A Bit To Varying Effect, Dipping Into Japanese City Pop For The Bittersweet And Remorseful "Out Of Time" And Edging Ever So Achingly Toward Latin Freestyle With "Don't Break My Heart." Just Before Carrey's Epilogue, Tesfaye And Company Pick Up The Pace With "Less Than Zero." Rather Than Use The Title As A Prompt To Sink Back Into Detailing Debauchery, Tesfaye Makes The Song This Album's "Scared To Live," A Sentimental Ballad That's Hard To Resist." AMG Review By Andy Kellman. more
Colored Vinyl - New - B0025919-01
Sealed 2017 US 2LP Gatefold, On Translucent Red Vinyl. "The Extent Of The 2015 Weeknd Commercial Rebound, Symbolized By Platinum Certifications For Beauty Behind The Madness And All Four Of Its Singles, Didn't Merely Embolden Abel Tesfaye. On This Follow-Up's Fourth Track, A Blithe Midtempo Cut Where Tesfaye Takes A Swipe At Pretenders While Boasting About Drinking Codeine Out Of One Of His Trophies, The Level Of Success Is A Source Of Amusement. He Notes The Absurdity In Taking A "Kids' Show" Award For "Can't Feel My Face," In Which He Was "Talkin' 'Bout A Face Numbin' Off A Bag Of Blow." The Track Actually Lost To Adele's "Hello," But It Clearly, Somewhat Comically, Reached An Unintended Demographic. It Comes As No Surprise That Tesfaye, On His Third Proper Album, Doesn't Attempt To Optimize The Reach Of His Biggest Hit By Consciously Targeting Youngsters. He Sings Of Being A "Starboy" With Access To A Fleet Of Sports Cars, But He's A "Motherfuckin' Starboy," One Who Is 26 Years Old And Proud To Observe His Woman Snort Cocaine Off His Fancy Table. While Starboy Often Reflects An Increased Opulence In The Personal And Professional Aspects Of Tesfaye's Life -- From More Upscale Pronouns To Expensive Collaborations With The Likes Of Daft Punk (Two) And "Can't Feel My Face" Producers Max Martin And Ali Payami (Four) -- The Dark Moments Of Vulnerability Are Pitch Black. Lines Like "I Switch Up My Cup, I Kill Any Pain" Could Have Come From Tesfaye's Mixtape Debut, Yet There Are New Levels Of Torment. In "Ordinary Life," He Considers Driving Off A Mulholland Drive Cliff, James Dean Style, Wishing He Could Swap Everything For Angel Status. It's Followed With "Nothing Without You," A Ballad Of Toxic Dysfunction. He Asks His Lover If She'd Feel Guilty For Not Answering His Call If He Happened To Die That Night. It's Not All Dread And Depravity. There's Some Sense Of Joy In A One-night Stand, And An Echo Of "Say Say Say" Michael Jackson, On The Luomo-ish House Track "Rockin'." Contrition Is Shown In The Slick Retro-modern Disco-Funk Of "A Lonely Night." Ironically Enough, In The Aching "True Colors," Tesfaye Sounds A Little Insecure About A Lover's Past. The Album's Lighter, Comparatively Sweeter Parts -- The Tears For Fears-Sampling/Romantics-Referencing "Secrets" And The Breezy And Only Slightly Devilish "I Feel It Coming" Among Them -- Are All Welcome Highlights. At 18 Tracks, The Album Is A "Contracted Edition" Playlist Toolkit. The Songwriting Credits List Just Under 40 Composers, And The Productions -- The Majority Of Which Involve Doc Mckinney And/Or Cirkut, Low-Lighted By Maneater Dance-Punk Dud "False Alarm" -- Are Roughly As Variable In Style As They Are In Quality. When Pared Down To Its Ten Best Songs, Starboy Sounds Like Tesfaye's Most Accomplished Work." AMG Review By Andy Kellman. more
The Highlights
Colored Vinyl - New - B0033675-01
Sealed 2021 2LP Gatefold Compilation Pressed On "Clear Sparkle" Vinyl. more

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